Monday, July 27, 2009

Sustainable Living

Sustainable living refers to a lifestyle that minimizes your use of the Earth’s natural Resources. In the modern world, this includes reducing your carbon footprint by altering methods of transportation, energy consumption and diet. You try to live in balance with the Earth’s natural ecology and cycles.

In order to live in a sustainable way, the first thing we must change is our rate of consumption. Over-consumption exhausts natural resources too quickly, generates waste, and is prized in our society. Being aware of and limiting your consumption of unnecessary goods, packaging, and food is the first step in sustainable living.

Next, growth must be limited in terms of population, economics, and the environment. This is a big concept, considering things like the amount of food that can be grown in the climate, the amount of people a certain size land can support, distribution systems, and long-term global trends. In your daily life, these are the topics you consider when making important choices like where to live, where to get your food from, how many children to have, and how move around.

Finally, technology must become sustainable. It is unreasonable to think that human civilization will not continue to progress, so the focus of advancements need to be sustainable and beneficial. Technology that destroys natural systems is directly out of balance with nature and not sustainable.

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