Monday, July 27, 2009

Performance Surfboards

Surfboard performance is the driving force of JP's designs. He strives to design and build boards that compliment and improve your surfing. Lately he has been working with his team riders to create boards that perform well in less-than-ideal conditions. It is not as often as we would like that the waves are firing, so we spend a lot of time surfing small waves, just like you.

The Groveler is a board specifically designed with kinda weak, kinda small waves in mind. We recommend you ride it 2" shorter, 1/8" thinner and a 1/4" wider than your normal thruster. It comes standard with a swallow tail, and all of our team riders have been liking them- Nathan Carvalho, Cody Leutgens, Jesse Guglielmana, and Jenny Useldinger have all been riding them this summer.

The Cherry Bomb is another good small wave board. This board has a thick round tail that makes it easy for you to get out of the white wash on mushy waves. Its a loose board that will still surf fast on good waves. Taylor Dodge and Pat Zabrocki have been loving these for a while. The Cherry Bomb is also a good board for practicing airs and is one of those boards perfect for a one-board quiver.

We also offer shapes and designs not shown on the website. Some that we like to ride are the Hyper-single, the Plank, the Four-Fin Fish, and our super-custom 5-fin bonzers. Nathan has developed a new model, based on his suggestions for the Groveler, that is about to be released. Our team rider Luke Kinney has been surfing a one-of-a-kind performance longboard and placing well in contests, and he's not even a longboarder! He swears its as easy to surf as his Cherry Bomb and won't give it back. And, as always, if you have something in mind you'd like to try, ask. If JP likes the basic idea and design principles, he'll make you one.

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