Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jenny Useldinger

Check out the August 6 Rolling Stone, Jenny is interviewed in there about a TV project she has been working on called "Isolated". I've seen the trailer, it gave me goose-bumps. Its like Survivor meets big-wave surfing, where 5 feral surfers hunt down the biggest, nastiest wave they can find. Can't wait to see the whole show!

HSD hooked up with Jenny about a year ago in Santa Cruz. We sat down across from this beautiful, smiling woman who showed us pictures of her surfing Mavericks and Waimea. Funny, she didn't look like she had balls, but the photos proved she did. JP and her hit it off and he shaped a few boards for her and can't wait to see her in September when she'll be swinging by the Shaping Shack.

We are so stoked to work with her, and hope that we can keep making bigger and bigger boards for her. Oh, and we just got the good news, she's pregnant. These photos from Indo, pregnant. You go, girl!

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