Monday, July 6, 2009

Morning After Mess

The Surfrider Foundation always hosts a huge clean-up after the 4th of July, to clean area beaches from all the partying that goes on. This year the Oceanside location was at the South Harbor Jetty. While I'm sure it gets messy, I really wanted to clean my beach. So I signed in early, got some supplies, and headed back down to my house. JP, Derek and I all cleaned what was is our normal walk to surf.

There were cigarette butts, 275 Derek counted plus the hundreds JP checked off in groups of ten. There were bags and broken bottles, drink cups, razors, fireworks, and dead animals. The street sweeper must have drove by three times, and it seemed that for all that effort, the guy walking around with a broom would have actually cleaned something up instead of push trash towards the storm drains. At least we guilted some of the partiers in the neighborhood to sweep up in front of their house. Its a start.

After 2 hours of walking, stooping, and sweeping the three of us had collected 30 pounds of trash and almost 1000 cigarette butts. We, sadly, walked by the mother-load of Starbucks cups, because we really wanted to get to the beach. Waves are overhead and barreling, now is time for our reward.

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