Thursday, August 12, 2010

American Surf Designs Pilot and NYTVF

Remember the tv pilot we were working on called "American Surf Designs"?  Well, it has been receiving awards and screenings at various TV and film festivals from Hawaii to Florida this year.  The biggest honor has just been annouced.  "American Surf Designs" has been chosen to be screened at the prestigious New York Television Fesitval.  Its a big deal and our producers will be there to schmooze and (hopefully) SELL IT!  Wish us luck, congratulate our producers if you know them, and go to our homepage to see the pilot.  To see the trailer for NYTVF, click here.

The structure of the show will be something like "LA Ink" or "American Choppers" where different kinds of surfers- celebrities, charities, professionals, friends- order custom surfboards and the process is followed from start to finish.  The show would also follow the hectic, exciting, sexy, REAL southern California surf lifestyle.  Its not a glossy image of making surfboards, its the real portayal of craftsman dedicated to the art of stoking surfers out!

Let us know what you think.