Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Recycled Surf Resin Jewelry now on Ray St

I am finally making my way back to San Diego and my recycled surf resin jewelry is now on sale at Soul Ryde in North Park. Located at 3819 Ray St 92104, Soul Ryde is right in the heart of the burgeoning arts district in North Park. Several Saturday's a month the galleries in the area open and you can see some of fantastic contemporary arts. I'll be there in person soon.

My friends at Soul Ryde are the guys that do all the cool laser engravings and wood inlay projects with us. Just this year at the Ninth Annual Art Gala hosted by the San Diego chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, HSD, Soul Ryde, and our friend Wyatt Henderson collaborated to make an eco-friendly surfboard. The goal was to use little or no petroleum-based plastics or cancer-causing styrene, so JP shaped a plant-based blank without toxic whiteners, Wyatt laminated it with linseed resin, I painted it as always with low VOC acrylic paint, instead of stickers or laminants Soul Ryde reproduced classic Surfrider stickers out of scrap wood from their skateboard business, and then Soul Ryde hooked up a bamboo fin our friend Woody made. The result was a classic mini-noserider that makes you wonder why we use all the toxic stuff when there are perfectly good alternatives.

At the Soul Ryde shop they offer their cool custom skateboards, laser engraving for anything you can imagine, and recycled jewelry from local artists. Check them out!

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