Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Shaping Room

JPs new shaping room is fully functional and packed with blanks to shape.  He's been shaping out Bill Johnson's factory for a few weeks now and its going great.  Great room, fun people, and best of all... not in our living room!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Many of you have noticed and asked about my rad new jeans I've been rocking everywhere from business meetings to art events and even the Price is Right, so I thought I'd give you the entire rundown on custom designer jeans by Tony Esparza. 

Tony launched American Made Premium Denim, AMPD a few years back.  He understood that we live in our jeans and felt that our jeans should better reflect ourselves, be fashionable, and be comfortable.  He started making one-of-a-kind jeans for his friends and local musicians and began to get orders.  He stepped up production, made a few patterns and got them sewn in the US.  Tony customizes each pair of jeans with custom washes, vintage fabrics, distressing, and sometimes cool vintage patches.

Its the details that make the jeans so rad.  Tony uses vintage fabrics to line his jeans.  He thinks its important that jeans look just as good on as they do thrown on the floor, so even the insides and pockets have stylish elements.

A few of the more savvy boutiques in the LA area now carry his jeans, including  Miso Fly and Live Lounge.  He works with the owner of each shop to use fabrics and washes for the customer.  There is nothing available as hot as AMPD! 

Tonight, there will be a party at Live Lounge and desinger Tony Esparza will be on hand to help fit you into a pair of jeans.  There will also be music and cool recycled surf resin jewelry by HSD co-owner Andrea Holeman.  Check it out if you are near Riverside tonight from 7-10pm.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rad Girls Video Clip at the Old Shaping Shack

Got a few minutes and need a laugh?  Watch this Rad Girls video clip from Season 3 on MavTV.  Too much fun at the shaping shack... I love these girls.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Moving Shaping Rooms

For the past 3+ years JP has lived and shaped out of his home in Oceanside, until his wife, me, decided living anywhere other than a surfboard factory might be nice for change.  So JP rented a shaping room from Bill Johnson (still in Oceanside, don't worry) and shaped his last boards at home last Friday.

JP was a little sad to say goodbye, but also excited for the new opportunity with Bill Johnson, and his now happy, dust-free wife.

After the boards were shaped, we loaded up the Prius and headed over to the new shaping room to set things up.  Then we had the huge task of moving all of our stuff into storage while we embark on a CA road trip.

 We underestimated the amount of stuff 2 business and a couple can store in an 1100 sq. ft place, so we had to give the spillover away.  Here, our friend scores an entire living room set, a bag of assorted sundries from the fridge, and an ice cold bottle of Jagermeister.  Thanks for taking that of our hands.

The best scores were found in the alley.  Thats where we left all the surfboards that were dinged, old, or just had nowhere to go.  Here, the neighborhood paleontologist scores a surfboard on his rollerblades.  I will miss the alley and the local bums.  Gotta love Oceanside.

After the move out and clean-up we packed the car and the dog and hit the road.  When we get back to SoCal, we'll still be making surfboards in Oceanside, but we'll be living in San Diego, closer to our roots and family.  Change is good.  Thanks 310 for the good times.

"You have to go out on a limb to get the fruit."