Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Sirens" by Liz Cockrum

Andrea participated in a project with photographer Liz Cockrum. For Liz's "Sirens" she wanted to capture the true lives of female surfers. It is an ongoing work that she has showed a few times, and always gets great feedback. Check out the new Surfer's Journal

Thursday, September 17, 2009

2009 Paddle for Clean Water

September 13th, 2009 was the 18th annual Paddle for Clean Water presented by the Surfrider Foundation San Diego Chapter and Clif Bar. The event is free and aims to make people aware of the water quality issues along the 70+ miles of San Diego county's coastline. Every year, thousands of activists gather in Ocean Beach to let the local politicians know there is a problem and we care.

This year was the first year the life guards nixxed the paddle. The waves were macking, hitting the bottom of the pier, and a thousand people in the water would have overwhelmed the lifeguards. We had a "Surf-at-your-own-risk for Clean Water" instead. There was plenty in the way of entertainment on the beach: booths with eco-minded vendors, 91X streaming live, HSD board demos, educational opportunities, later a stage with tons of great bands, and a Stone beer garden.

The event was awesome as usual, and waves never spoil beach time for any surfer. If you missed it, come on out next year! Thanks to Jimmy Greer for the photos.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dawn's Custom

Just 'cause sometimes I like to brag... Pure Glass is laminating this right now so this is a little sneak peek for Dawn Moore's new custom "Dawn Patrol" longboard. Hand-painted bamboo on hand-shaped blank, does it get any better?

Rad Girls on Project Runway

Ramona Cash and Darling Clementine of the Rad Girls were "surfer girls" meant to inspire the newest batch of Project Runway designers. The designers worked in teams to make surf-inspired looks for the runway. Watch the episode and learn more here.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Project Runway

Our good friends Ramona and Clementine from Rad Girls made an appearance on Project Runway with HSD surfboards last night! It's pretty quick at the beginning of the episode, but there's a full logo shot. The girls looked fantastic, as always. If you missed it, they replay it next Thursday before the new episode airs. Check it out, next Thursday on Lifetime.

New Shirts for Sale

Hey HSD fans, we just got a huge batch of new men's t-shirts. They are printed on recycled cotton. Why recycled cotton?

40% of cotton is wasted during processing, ending up in landfills. These recycled cotton T's use thise post industrial waste and make brand new shirts. You'd never know the difference, but you are doing a huge favor to the environment.

1/4 of all pesticides in the US are used on cotton crops. By using recycled cotton, less virgin cotton needs to be harvested, less pesticides get used.

Chemicals that have been banned for other crops can still be used on cotton, getting into our waterways and polluting our line-ups. Many rivers and outfalls have huge dead zones downstream from cotton farms. Poor fishes.

**avaiable M, L, XL white with grey, natural with brown**