Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Slightly Stoopid Board

Yesterday, Daniel De La Cruz from Slightly Stoopid swung by the shaping bay to get a new board shaped.  The board is actually a Rad Girls Surfboard we're customizing for De La.  JP shaped the BFF to De La's specs and Andrea is going to paint Stoopid's Skull Kiss artwork on it.  So stoked to work on this board.

A lucky fan won 2 cd's yesterday on the Rad Girls Surfboard facebook fan page.  Congrats Spencer of PB.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

HSD in Surfer's Journal

Just got the new Surfer's Journal in the mail and there was Taylor Dodge on an HSD!  I wasn't really expecting that!  Stoked!  Way to go, Taylor.

I will have to scan the page to post the article, but until then check out Surfer's Journal.

Page 16-  Higher Learning: Life’s Lessons at Black’s Beach

By Evan Slater
Naked old men, the Ho Chi Minh trail, and California’s best bathymetry. Evan Slater drops a four-year UC San Diego education into 3,000 words, and comes to find that the best thing about going to school in La Jolla isn’t being on campus, but scampering down the Goat Trail just in time for a Canyon Set.