Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Magical Land of Oz

Andrea was lucky enough to spend 31 days in Byron Bay, near the most Easterly Point of Australia. They were just going into springtime, so the wind was fairly cold and strong, but there were still a few days of solid swell. Broken Head was junky but fun, head high a few days. Lennox was good twice, once was a good session, once she wound up with stitches. That's Lennox for you, everyone has their Lennox story. The other spots on the surf tour- Cozy Corners, Tallows, Dolphins, The Pass, Clark's and South Wall. There is no denying that Byron Main Beach was positively off the hook one day, the locals say it only gets like that 3 days a year. Long rides, just overhead, offshore,barrelling, not too crowded, super consistant. If it was like that all the time, Andrea may never have left, but alas work calls and now she's back.

There were other fun activities to do like feed kangaroos, hike to the lighthouse, witness the start of the Transparentsea Voyage, and visit Crystal Castle. Byron is big on yoga and meditation, the best yoga class was above the Surf Club at Main Beach. Mel is an awesome yogi, there were usually only 2 students, and the sea breeze and view was amazing.

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