Friday, September 4, 2009

New Shirts for Sale

Hey HSD fans, we just got a huge batch of new men's t-shirts. They are printed on recycled cotton. Why recycled cotton?

40% of cotton is wasted during processing, ending up in landfills. These recycled cotton T's use thise post industrial waste and make brand new shirts. You'd never know the difference, but you are doing a huge favor to the environment.

1/4 of all pesticides in the US are used on cotton crops. By using recycled cotton, less virgin cotton needs to be harvested, less pesticides get used.

Chemicals that have been banned for other crops can still be used on cotton, getting into our waterways and polluting our line-ups. Many rivers and outfalls have huge dead zones downstream from cotton farms. Poor fishes.

**avaiable M, L, XL white with grey, natural with brown**

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