Saturday, June 20, 2009

Morning Song Farm, CSA

Here at HSD we believe in strong, healthy communities. Thats why we are now a drop-off point for fresh, organic produce locally grown right down the street in Rainbow. Every Tuesday Farmer Donna and her crew swing by the HSD house and drop-off their goods. A few of our neighbors are on the program, why not you?

Morning Song Farm is a small, sustainable, organic farm that grows a variety of common and unusual subtropical fruits and vegetables. My favorites are the avocados and macadamia nuts. We get a large basket each week and are never out of delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables. Each week you get whatever was picked fresh and Donna sends out recipes to try.

Organic foods are healthier, being raised without petro-chemicals so all you eat is food. Buying food from a local source secures local jobs, stimulates the local economy, and saves us all some greenhouse gas emissions. You can even bring your kids, or just yourself, up to the farm to help your food grow and learn about the entire process of sustainable farming. Sustainable farming plans for the future and takes into account the way nature actually works, so there is no need to pump tons of toxic "fertilizer" into to soil to force a crop to grow.

Morning Song produce is delicious, fresh, organic and delivered right to our door. We hope to start seeing you on Tuesdays.

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